Bible Reading Plan

Via an ESV Bible Blog post, I found an interesting bible reading program. The Chronological Reading Plan lets you read the Bible in the order in which events occurred.

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The Nativity of Christ

The Nativity of Christ (1597) by Federico Barocci depicts the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary admires her new born baby lying in the manger, while Joseph opens the door to the shepherds and points to the child.

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The Christ Files by John Dickson

In The Christ Files, published by Blue Bottle Books, John Dickson explores how historians know what they know about Jesus. He give examples of sources used by historians such as ancient Greko-Roman texts, Jewish writings, new testament sources, the oral tradition, the old testament and archaeology.

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Reflection with John Dickson

John Dickson presents Reflection on 103.2 FM at 10 pm every week night. In this show of about 10 minutes, John Dickson presents a mix of new material, and his books in spoken form.

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Faith and Works

What is a Christian to think about Faith and Works? If we are saved by Grace, do we need works? In this article1 I will make three main points.

  1. We are saved by grace through faith for works;
  2. real faith leads to action; and
  3. we should be doers of the Word.

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NIV Audio Bible

I bought the dramatised Bible in the New International Version (NIV) from Koorong on Saturday. I am using this as an easy way to get into some of the Old Testament books that I find are a bit difficult to read. Being an mp3 CD, the entire Bible can fit on only six CDs for the bargain price of $69.95. I started with disc 4, containing Jeremiah to Malachi.

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The Tension Between Economics and Religion

In his lecture, The Tension Between Economics and Religion, Robert Murphy, a academic economist at Hillsdale College and intelligent Christian layman, examines several issues and Bible passages that seem to indicate that Christianity is inconsistent with Anarcho-capitalism (free market economics). Murphy shows that they are not necessarily inconsistent.

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Reformation Day

On 31 October 1517 (488 years ago) Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, denouncing the sale of indulgences, and making an invitation to debate the topic.

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