About This Website

Ideas on economics, politics, technology, Christianity, and other random topics.

The site is divided into sections: ‘articles’, containing finished articles on various topics; ‘blog’, where I post thoughts on random topics; and ‘elsewhere’, including articles written (or audio spoken) by other people that I like.

If you would like an easy way of being notified of website updates, be sure to subscribe to the Feedburner Feed feed. I recommend NetNewsWire for Mac OS X.

The Content Management System, Textpattern, was uploaded to a DreamHost server using Transmit. The Textpattern style used since 14 April 2006 is Serene. Before this, the style was Simple Neutral.

This website takes up the challenge issued by Gary North in Murray N. Rothbard: Go Thou and Do Likewise (MP3 12.6 megabytes).

About Danny Haynes

After graduating from Macquarie University with honours in finance, Danny then worked for a large Commonwealth Government Statutory Authority, then studied computer science at the University of New England and now engages in an attempt to understand medical policy.

In his role as a gentleman of leisure, Danny enjoys cycling, learning the German language and meeting with other Christians.