Privatise Electricity

The trade union movement and political parties like Socialist Alliance must be elated by the decision of the Liberal Party of NSW to keep the means of the production of electricity in the hands of the state.

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Pollie Pedal

I am riding in the Pollie Pedal and would like your financial support to sponsor my ride. Pollie Pedal 2008 (a long-distance bicycle ride) will begin in Melbourne on 31 March and finish on 8 April at the Westmead Millennium Institute.

Money raised by Pollie Pedal 2008 will go to the Westmead Millennium Institute for a prostate cancer research laboratory in their new building.

To sponsor my ride, please visit my fund raising page. Any amount is welcome. Thank you for your support.

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Podcasts on Politics

If you like politics, let me recommend some podcasts from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

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I have heard the word ‘Utopian’ used by politicians to describe the policies of a political opponent. I received the impression that in using the word ‘Utopian’, that policies with a large role for the state were being derided as unrealistic, a ‘Utopian dream’. After reading Utopia by Thomas More, I can now fully understand the meaning of this term.

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The Zimbabwe Inflation

According to news reports (RTE / The Citizen) the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has issued yet another higher denomination banknote, this time a 200,000 dollar note. Is anyone still wondering why prices are skyrocketing?

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Apple Reports June Quarter 2007 Results

Apple has reported financial results for the June 2007 quarter.

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Parking at Pendle Hill Train Station

Parking at Pendle Hill Train Station is at a premium. There are too many cars, and too few car parking spaces. To deal with this shortage, I would suggest that the owners of the car parking spaces should charge a fee for the prime car parking spaces.

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Live Earth Hypocrites

The Live Earth series of concerts is a shocking example of environmental vandalism, from environmental hypocrites. The promoters are trying to combat greenhouse emissions by staging a worldwide series of concerts, using massive amounts of energy. Let’s look at the waste of energy.

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Weekly Radio Address

Quality political humour is important to keep politicians in check. Weekly Radio Address is hilarious. The spoken likeness to President George W Bush is extraordinary. Go to or subscribe in iTunes.

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Apple II Forever

Apple II Forever is your classic 1980s power ballad. Starting soft with piano and an accoustic guitar, the song builds up to a rock beat with a synthesised techno sounding keyboard and electric guitar. Through the song there’s an electric guitar solo, drum solo, and long musical rest. This is a 1980s techno love ballad from the computer geek to the Apple II. I’m officially hooked!

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